Castlefest Costume & Last Years Elf Fantasy Fair

In august, there will be another 'fantasy' fair, called Castlefest. It's a bit smaller than the EFF, and I like the atmosphere better: it's more intimate and less commercial.
Anyway, I ordered our tickets already, and ideas for a new outfit have been flying through my mind. I've decided to make another peacock outfit, this time a short/summer version. Because, usually, it's a lot warmer that time of year.So a version of the bolero with short sleeves, and a short skirt, with probably a bustle with feathers, diff hair, diff hairpiece(I already got it!), diff makeup. (And if the better's bad, I can combine it with things from the previous peacock costume..)

I have to start looking for some more peacockfeathers, because I don't want to use the ones that are in my big black vase. I've always loved peacockfeathers and as a kid we always had a big vase somewhere full of them. When I moved out of my parents' house, I wanted to have them aswell. So my mom got me a big black vase and a lot of beautifull peacockfeathers. :)
To make a long story short, I have to start looking for them again, they aren't always easy to come by and can even be expensive. Which is a shame, otherwise I would have sewed on sooooooo much more.

For those of you who haven't seen my previous peacockoutfit, I'll share some photos with you for EFF 2009.

I made everything myself, except the corset, hat, fan and umbrella.

Me, my husband and my sisterinlaw:

closeup with my gorgeous fan:

An a few pics of the tryout makeup I did before:

 I used the 88 palette and 2 gosh velvet touch eyeliners.

I'm going to do a different makeup for castlefest though, I'm thinking about using Gosh and Barry M effectpowders. For expample Auqatic, which my beloved gave me this week, because it was the perfect peacock blue. So sweet of him :) And I have a Barry M dazzledust that I think resembles that peacock goldbrown perfectly. I want to do something more elaborate, but still easy to do, since I have to apply it early in the morning and I like to sleep as much as I can :P
I'll be doing some tryouts soon, maybe I'll even post them, if you'd like to see them. Tips and ideas are always welcome :)

If any of you want to see last years Castlefest outfits (we were there on 2 diff days), let me know, and I'll post them. :)

My brains were lagging again: last year we only went for one day, the year before we went for 2 days. *rollseyes*
Anyway, tomorrow I'll post some pics from last year's Castlefest costume.