And the winners are........

This giveaway was a great succes, and I will definately do this again! Thanx for all the RT's and the blogs that were written about the giveaway, I really appreciate it.
Thanx to the giveaway, I now have 58 followers, and 40 people participated! I hope you all like my blog, and please feel free to leave comments with suggestions or questions.

So now to the winners..
All winners were drawn with and I tried to give everyone what they wanted.

First Prize goes to..

Paula cordoso (all the way to Brasil!)

  • Lush Lipscrub, Sweet Lips
  • Lush Lipscrub, Mint Julips
  • Catrice Nail Laquer, Blue's Brother
  • Essence Quattro eyeshadow, 06 Sooo Cool
  • Essence Metalglam eyeliner, 04 Techno Girl

Second Prize goes to..


  • Lush Lipscrub - Bubblegum
  • Lush Lipscrub -Sweet Lips
  • Catrice Nail Laquer -Wrapped Around Your Finger
  • Essence Long Lasting  eye pencil, 08 Touch of Glam

Third Price goes to...

  • Lush Lipscrub -Mint Julips
  • Catrice Nail Laquer -Sold Out Forever
  • Catrice Stay On eyeliner pencil, 050 Mystic Green

Congratulations people! 
Since none of you left any preference, please let me know which lipscrubs and eyeliner you would prefer, so I can settle the prizes for everyone.
I will contact the winners today for their adresses, if you did not receive any message from me, please let me know.

I hope you all liked this giveaway, and I promiss to do it again :)