Review: Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat

I bought this topcoat after I bought the little nail art stones. The nail art stones will stick out from the nail, unlike the stickers I'e used before. Because this topcoat was created especially for sealing nailart, I decided to buy it before I started using the nail art stones and ruin the effect with a different topcoat.

On the bottle:
This ultra high shine, transparent polish, ensures your naildecoration stays in place for longer and protects the design form damage. Intensifies the colours. Fast drying.

So far, the product has done all it's said to do. The topcoat dried pretty fast, and sealed my nailpolish, so it wouldn't chip or have wear and tear.
Also, when you apply the topcoat, you see it sticking to the sides of the nailart, really -sealing- it in.
The nailart is still sticking out, but it has like a protective coat over it, that also encloses the sides.

At work, I'm mostly busy with packing and unpacking boxes. I was sure the stones would be off after a days work, but they are still where I put them, and still looking good. I can even poke the sides with my nail and the stones will stay in place. I will definately keep using this topcoat with the nailart stones.