Makeup Haul with Limited Editions

Usually I have to wait a while before our Kruidvat has the Limited Edition collections, and most of the time, they only get the Essence collection, not the Catrice. Sometimes I go to the bigger Kruidvat in town, they usually are already sold out though.
But, this time, both collections were just in store, so I could look at them all and see if I liked them.

I bought several items, most from the Limited Editions collection, but some from the normal collection aswell.

From the Catrice 'Oceana' collection:
I love the packaging on this collection.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer, Blue out to Sea

Eyeshadow, Blue out to Sea
Very dark blue, with a shimmer in it.

Smooth Duo Eyeliner, Colours of the Ocean

Lipstick, Ocean Sunrise

I don't have much blues in my stash, and I really liked these, so I'm interested to see how they look on me.

From the Essence 'Crazy about colour' collection:

 Multi Colour Blush, Colourmania
The Blush is very shimmery, but not in a discoball way, more in a glowing way.

 Eye pencil, Addicted to Blue

And from the normal collections:

Catrice, Ultimate Nail Lacquer, Don't Feed the Birds
I don't have any yellow polishes yet, usually I find them abit dull, but this one has shimmers in it, which makes it interesting.

Cosmopolitan, Maximum Effect Lash Curler
The lash curler is to replace my Hema curler, which doesn't curl my lashes enough. This one was recommended to me on the Lush forum.

I'll be trying everything out soon, reviews and swatches will be posted!

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