EOTD: Plummy Butterfly

I've used the Gosh effect powder Butterfly before, but in other blogs I saw it used on top of black, which gave a whole new colour, so I thought I'd try it out.

Products I used for this EOTD:

  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • NYX jumbo pencil, Black Bean
  • 2True eyeshadow, no. 1 (black)
  • Gosh effect powder, Plummy
  • Gosh effect powder, Butterfly

I started with the Hema eyeshadowbase, and then applied some Black Bean on my whole eyelid. I blended it towards my crease, to make sure there wouldn't be any creasing later on.
On top of the Black Bean, I applied the black eyeshadow.

With a blendingbrush, I applied the Plummy into and above the crease. Plummy is a very nice coppery colour with a lot of shimmer.

Then I applied some Butterfly on the whole eyelid, on top of the black. As you can see, this changes the colour of the effect powder. Where it was a soft lilac colour first, it now becomes a vibrant blueishpurple.

Below my eyes I applied some Black Bean with a smudgingbrush and on top of that, applied some more Butterfly. On other days, I've applied the Velvet touch eyeliner Purple Stain by Gosh, which works really well too.

I really like the effect of the effect powder on top of the black eyeshadow. I wonder if other effect powders can create something similar.