Konad Haul from Enchantra

I've always wanted Konad ever since I first saw it online, and now, finally after yrs of wanting, I got it. *squeel*.
I wasn't going to buy anything, but then our taxreturn came in early, so I decided to order at Enchantra anyway.
Yeah I'm fickle like that, sue me :P

I ordered the Konad set T, a black special nailpolish, an extra Image plate M65 and China Glaze LOL.
After reading more reviews about LOL, I decided to put it back on my wishlist, and here it is! It's a holographic purple, something I dind't have yet :)


The set contains: imageplate M36, a nailstamp and a scraper, special polish in white and black pearl, and a topcoat. It comes in a very cute and girly pink package.

Sidney would like to note that I reacted like my cats react to candy, trust me, that's a big reaction. Kinda like teenage girls and Twilight ;) (maybe I shouldn't forget the Twimoms and Twiguys, and all other fans...like myself..00ps ;) )

Anyway, As if that wasn't enough, Enchantra was so nice to include something extra:

Nail tattoos made out of little beads, and Golden Rose, Chameleon.
A while ago the Golden Rose polishes were on sale, because they wouldn't be sold at Enchantra anymore. I was still on my No Buy policy back then, and when she found out what kind of polishes I liked, she was so sweet to include this one in my package. Thank you so much!!!!!

Look how pretty it is:
It's got little flakes in it that turn from orange to purple when the light hits it. *drewls*

You can definately expect blogs about everything I bought, so stay tuned!

BTW Enchantra also has a blog, which you all should follow, or at least all you Dutchies out there should ;)
I'm even mentioned in the blog about the giveaway, with a card I send her. :)