Review: Essence Nail Art Stylist

You all read how excited I was about the nailart stuff I bought recently, but I guess I forgot some important things. Like for instance the special top coat I recently blogged about, -and- the nail art stylist.

The Nailart stylist is a very nice tool that you can use to apply nailart. Especially the stones and such.
It looks like a pen with a little thicker part at the end. On the back of the package are instructions how to use the stylist. Basically, you make the end wet with a drop of water, and then it just lifts up the nail art. Very easy to use!

Once you have a stone on your stylist, all you have to do is place it on your nail, that's it! It's very easy to use, BUT you sometimes have to turn your hand, because the nail art can turn around when you want to turn the stylist. So it's easier to turn your hand.