How to make your own Homemade Natural Insect Repellent

natural insect repellent

The Almighty have no doubt account for insects in His great scheme of things, but to those of us who are not privy to His plan, insects remain a tiresome nuisance. Thankfully, several Essential oils have valuable repellent properties and this post will guide and show you some remedies for the treatment of insect bites and stings and most importantly this post will teach you how to make your own homemade natural insect repellent.

Five drops of either geranium, chamomile, or lavender oils added to a teaspoonful of aloe vera gel may be safely applied to the site of insect bite every few hours.

Lavender is a worthy ally in skirmishes against Insectavora. It is one the few oils which may be safely applied neat to an insect bite and will cause any pain to vanish in seconds. A pot of lavender keeps flies and moths at bay. A scrap of paper impregnated with a mixture of citrus oil and lavender is a marvelous weapon against mother moth's tenacious teeth.

Natural insect repellent

Geranium oil is another fragrant ally. Rubbing a tincture composed of four teaspoons of soya oil and sixteen drops of geranium oil over the body before venturing forth keeps most insects at bay.

Essential oils are also sturdy soldiers in the gardeners' infantry. Watering plants with a solution of five drops of lavender, ten drops of thyme in a sufficiency of water, agitated thoroughly to ensure that the oils are well dispersed, should keep all plants insect free. So, too, will five drops of clove and ten sage oils mixed with an amplitude of water and rained regularly over the garden.

For plants already infested, stronger treatment is advocated. Misting a plant with a spray composed of fifty drops of lavender, forty of fennel and four fluid ounces of water, should rid the beastly blight.

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