NOTD: Ultragreen & my first try with Konad

A while ago, I bought this supercute applegreen dress. Now, most of you will probably know by now, that I wear a lot of black. So this was a -lot- of colour for me, but sometimes I just feel like that.
I wanted to have a matching nailpolish and found one called Ultragreen by La Femme Beauty.

Thanx to Enchantra, who gave me a Golden Rose polish recently, a brand which I didn't know before, I now even have more of those! I found some at the 'Luilakmarkt' at a nailstylist booth and they are so beautifull I just had to have them, and they were cheap 2!

The Golden Rose polish I used here is Scale Effect, no. 4. The flakes turn birhgt green when the light hits it, which matched perfectly with the Ultragreen polish. Unfortunately I didn't have any sunlight to photograph it with, so you can't really see the green it turns into. It gives a sort of snakeskin effect.

The Konad I used is the plate that was in the set I bought, I think it was M36. I went to my parents last weekend to celebrate my mom's bday(which is actually on thursday), and she loves butterflies. It takes a bit of practice to use Konad, in my experience, that'ts why the flower isn't complete, but I still love the result. I also had some butterflies on my right ringfinger.