NOTD: Essence, Show Your Feet, Catwalk Pink

I saw the new Show Your feet colours a few days ago and I really liked this one, because it has a different coloured shimmer. I'm a sucker for those, I love it when the lights hits it and you see a different colour.

The polish is officially a toenail polish, but I already have one of this line and Ive used it on my fingernails without any big problem.

It's a very dark pink, like a bordeauxred, with blue shimmers in it. When the ligt hits it, the shimmer reflect it and you see a blue shine. Below you can see how the colour is with little lighting to bring out the shimmer.

The litlle purple hearts I used for nailart, are the new nail art stones by Essence. They are sealed with the Essence Nail art Sealing Topcoat. The purple hearts reflect blue, which is why I choose them.

And some pics in daylight: