(Mostly) NEW Essence stuff HAUL

So yesterday I received my tax-refund, which means I got a LOT of money, *yeay*

When I went to Kruidvat, I noticed they were just putting all the new stuff in place, so I decided to buy some (or a lot) of them, to celebrate the taxrefund. That's a good reason, right? :P

So what did I get? (click picture for bigger view)

I'm really excited to try it all out and ofcourse you will be seeing my reviews on this blog.

Essence: Nail Art Glitter:
  • Style it Up! , little purple hearts
  • Shine like a Star! , little blue stretchedout squares
  • Glam it Up! , little lilac stars with the middle punched out
  • Glitter Star! , little silver stars
Nail Art Glitter Mix: Glam it Up!
A mix of blue, green(lime) and purple nail art.

Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss: Rock On
A lovely purple shimmering gloss.

Essence Glitter Topcoat

Catrice Absolute Moisture Lipstick:
  • Dark Rosewood
  • Noisette Cocktail
  • Burgundy
 After reading a blog about thiese lipsticks by Suzy, I really wanted to try them out.

Kruidvat, Pure&nature Eyecream
I already have the day and nightcream, cleansing lotion and bodylotion of this brand and really wanted to try out the eyecream, but it was alsways sold out. Yesterdayday, I just read a blog about it on BlogginBeauties, and when I came in the store, there was just one eyecream there, staring at me. I just had to take it home with me :)

Essence Liquid Eyeliner, Waterproof.
I really like the normal eyeliner, so I'm interested to see if this one is just as nice.

Herome, W.I.C. , Jaco (it was standing in the new collection at the DA drugstore, not sure if it is though)
Gorgeous dark(darker than on pic) blue with lots of shimmer.

Essence Nail Polish Remover Pen

Essence Nail Art Twins, Thelma & Louise

Essence eyeshadow, (in the new cute packaging,) Mix it, Baby!

Essence, French Glam Nail Stickers, We love French.
Cute little white flowers, butterflies and ribbons with silver stones.

There was LOTS more new stuff, but I will be busy enough with this haul the next days(or weeks), so I'll take a closer look at those later on.
For the people who are interested, there were new:
  • eyeshadows, single and doubles.
  • nailpolish, multidimensions, base coats and topcoats
  • double eyeliner pencils
  • more nail art stuff
  • nail stripers
  • metal glam eyeliners
  • kajal pencils
  • foundation
  • blush brush
Might even be more new stuff at a bigger Kruidvat, and here they werent done filling in the new stuff yet when I came along :)