NOTD: Jaco with skulls

A while ago, I bought this Herome W.I.C. nailpolish, that just looked special to me. It's called Jaco, and in the bottle it's a dark blue with brighter blue shimmers in it.

To my surprise the polish is a lot brighter on the nails! And honestly, I kinda like that. On my nails it has become an almost greenish blue with bright blue shimmers in it. Especially indoors it looks greener,  I love it!

The polish applies easily and you can apply a thick enough coat to give coverage at once. You can also apply a thinner coat, and the effect will be a brighter blue.

I aaplied some Essence glitter on my nails, no. 5 Shine like a star! Then I applied the Nail art sealing topcoat.
After that I applied the cute little with skull form a new Essence stampingplate(only 1,49 euro) with the Konad stamp. And on top of that I applied the Konad top coat. I stamped the skull on my pinky a little off the centre, but it still looks cute. I also put a little skull on my right hand ringfinger.

What do you think?


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