EOTD: Sleek 2

This is another EOTD I made with my Sleek Original Palette. You can make very versatile looks which this one, that's why I totally adore it :)

I'm a totally sucker for the combination of greens/petrols and purples, so guess what I used??

I did this look with my Sigmabrushes, and I LOVE them, I'll review soon, I don't have them all yet, because not everything was in stock, so they send me some that were. :)

I used the light yellow colour on the bottom left as a highlighter below my brows and towards the crease.
After that I applied the turquoise/green from the top row, second from the right, on my whole eyelid except the inner eyecorner. On the inner eyecorner I applied the green from the top right of the palette.

Then I took my Sigma blendingbrush, which is supersoft and exactly what I was looking for, and applied the purple from the palette into and above my crease. Then I took a pencilbrush and applied the dark blue from the top row, third from the left, into my outer V.
I applied Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Purple Stain, below my eyes. On top of that I applied some purple from the palette, so It matched with the crease.