non makeup Haul

It's Fathersday today, so YEAY to all those great fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers and fatherinlaws out there!!!

Last week I got these 2 things at C&A, for not a lot of money:

On the left is a longshirt/dress of a very hard to descibe colour with black lace on the front. And on the right is a black tight skirt that has some gathered fabric on the front sides.
The longshirt/dress cost 12,95 euros, and I bought it a bit too large, so I could also use it as a dress. I'll take in the waist and such, so it'll fit perfectly.
The skirt was on sale, it cost me less than 5,99 euros orso, and fits perfectly.(which, with my measurements is pretty awesome)

As I said, the colour is very hard to describe, I would say it's a very vibrant dark purple blue. Yeah....that doesn't really ring a bell huh? I tried to capture the right colour on cam, which totally failed, because it turned a vibrant blue instead. So imagine the picture I posted above, but then the colour is a lot more vibrant. I think that's the best way to explain. :P

I also got a big envelope from Germany and at first I couldn't place what in the world it could be. But then I remembered: it was from Essence. Somewhere in the beginning of the year, maybe March?, I picked up a flyer by Essence, which told me you could save your receipts of Essence products and for every product you got one heart. When you had a certain amount of hearts, you could pick out a gift. Then send it to Germany and your gifts would be posted. Well, mine arrived so soon I hadn't expected them yet! Anyway, I've bought a lot of Essence for my blog, friends, swaps,giveaways, etc, so I had a lot of receipts. I crossed off 2 gifts, because I had so many, and I wasn't even sure if you could.
Anyway, this is what I got, accompanied by a nice letter written in Dutch(!):

I decided to use them for my nailstuffies, the small one for my nailhardener and remover and topcoat and such, and the bigger one for all my nail artstuffies:

I'm not sure if anyone is even interested in non makeup stuff, so please let me know :)