NOTD: China Glaze, LOL and new rings

I bought this polish at Enchantra a while ago and just recently used it for the first time.
The application of this holographic polish is as usual, but after using them for some time, I've gotten used to it. I also think you won't have a problem with the application if you don't use a nailhardener as a base, but I'm not sure.

I used 2 nail art stickers by Essence: the new French Glam stickers, Nothing But French., on my ringfinger, and on my pinky I applied little dots with the new Essence nail art pen, Silver Star.
The pen works wonderfull btw, I purchased 3 and I already like them a lot.

Here's a better look at the holographic effect, because the sun was gone:

A better look at the nailart, and also the new ring(middle one) my beloved got me to replace a fav of mine that was unfortunately broken. (I still need to get me a new dragon ring though....)

And here are 2 backup rings for work and such, because I'm afraid I will break the small silver there:

I really like the polish, especially the colour....BUT I already had some fingers chipped after 2 days. In my book that is really bad. I even applied a topcoat, and never ha dthat before. So yeah, the colour's wonderfull, but the polish doens't last long.