Saturday's EOTD, HOTD & LOTD

Let's do something different today...I'm going to show you saturdays Eyes, Hair and Look of the day. Just because I can, LOL. Nah, some people have been asking me for LOTD's and I have to say I usuall forget to take those, or don't think they are relevant because I almost never wear foundation and such anyway. But hey, you ask, and I deliver ;)

On saturday it wasn't exactly feeling like summer, it was only 15 degrees celsius, sometimes even 11, so that explains my clothing. I'll be glad when the warm weather finally arrives, I need to soak it all up to get through winter :)

Anyway, the EOTD was pretty simple is soft/warm pink tones:

I used the eyeshadow Ally gave me, which gave a wonderfull soft smokey pink colour:
I applied some black eyeliner to go with my 'rockabilly' hair, because I like to try out diff styles with my hair:

My hair was pretty simple aswell, but since I've worn it seperated in the middle for -years-, it somehow 'remembers' that, which makes it harder to create the front. Still, it's different, and I like different once in a while:

Usually I tend to wear hairpieces if I do a high ponytail, because I don't have a lot of hair, and I don't really like a thin ponytail. But I recently discovered the Pro Set Volume spray, and it gives me enough volume not to use a hairpiece:

And the LOTD, together with Merlijn, posing very seriously in an annoyingly strong wind:
(I love those sneakers, I need more of them, but I can't find those high ones anywhere. And -yes- I know those belts are supposed to be worn in the waist, but they are all to big for my waist, so sue me :P )

Did I ever mention, Merlijn is very ticklish? *grins* :
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And on saturday the rest of my Sigma brushes came in, I absolutely love them, a review will follow soon:)