TOTD: Skull Black Out

IN the summer I usually paint my toes black, so they will always match any outfit.
But I was in a nailart mood and I always like to try out new things.

So this TOTD, Toes of the day, is made with Konad nail art and an essennce nailart pen.

I just switched my shoes here, see the line on my foot? I was glad I had different shoes with me: We made a 19 hour day, of which we spend 7 hours in public transport! It was worth it though, I saw my parents again, and we had a great garden party at Lommel, Belgium. My godfather and his wife we're celebrating their birtdays(together 120 yrs!), with a big BBQ, and we only had one rainshower, after that, still really warm weather and we could all sit under something anyway. I also saw a lot of people I hadn't seen since my grandparents dies, like their old friends and neighbours. Was really fun to see them and talk to them again!.

Anyway, on to the toes....
I used Rimmel - Black out on all of my toes. Then I used white Konad polish to stamp the skulls from an essence stamping plate. The little silver dots net to the skulls were made with an Essence nail art pen. Which by the way are SO easy to use and they work perfectly! The ink is on waterbase though, so don't forget to use a topcoat! I used one by Rimmel.

Yeah I don't have the nicest toenails around, they always rip off or have a crack, and they are pretty thin. But I almost never wear slippers of any kind and I only wear peeptoes in summer and not that often, so...*shrug*

People at the party thought it was funny and my mom was just amazed at how I did it. hahahah. My mom's so sweet, she even asked me some tips to wear eyeshadow. :)

Do you ever wear nailart on your toes? Or do you wear more bold colours?