Review & Swatches: Hema Eyeliner, Metallic Effect

I bought these eyeliners a while ago, but I forgot to review them. When I used one of them in my last EOTD, I remembered, so here it is.

These eyeliners come in simple packaging: a clear bottle with a silver top. It's pretty plain and for some reason they don't have any numbers or colour names on it.

The left one is a pretty azure colour and the right one is a pretty purple colour with a pink undertone.
They are very easy to use: it's a pen with a pretty thin tip, so you can easily draw small lines.
These eyeliner stay put where they were applied and after a whole day are still as pigmented as when they were applied. All in all, a very nice eyeliner for a budget price. (im not sure what they cost, around 2 or 3 euros?)


On this one you can really see the metallic effect:

And on this one, you can really see the colour, especially the azure one with its shimmer: