Review: Pro Set Volume Lift Hairpray

As some of you might have noticed, I don't have a lot of hair, I think I can blame my dad for that one (thanx dad! Still love you though ;) ).
I used to wear fake ponytails and such, because I love ponytails, but I really disliked the tiny thin ponytail that my own hair produced. Untill I picked up a mini hairspray(travelsize) by Pro Set. I never found the right volume hairspray for my hair, untill now.

This products claims :to give volume without weighing down your hair. It also has a perfume made from rosemary, lavender and cedarwood. It has vitamin B5 for shiney and healthy hair and helps the hair against drying out. It has an ultra strong formula that last for 24 hours. Doesn't get sticky, easy to comb out and leaves no fibers.

Well, I totally agree with EVERYTHING they claim! I always hate using the smelly hairsprays that make my hair weigh down and leaves fibres in it when I comb it out. Especially on black hair, that's really yucky. The smell is lovely, very fruity and fresh and it really does make my hair shine. I can finally create volume in a ponytail withouth having to do much for it!

See for yourself:

(withouth this hairspray you would be looking at less than 1/3rd of that amount of volume)

My hair stayed that way even when I walked in a very strong wind, and at the end of the day I combed it out very easily. The spray I got was a travelsize and only cost 99 cents. They have bigger bottles aswell and they cost somewhere between 2 and 3 euros. This brand has a lot of different hairsprays, so I'll definately take a look at those aswell. Because this is a great spray for volume, it's not really for fixing the rest of your hair(to stay in place). So I might buy another one of this brand just for that purpose. But I love my travelsize aswell, because it's perfect to put into your bag :)