2nd Giveaway!!! *CLOSED*

This will be my second giveaway, celebrating that today, my blog exists for exactly 6 months, and ofcourse the 66 followers. so *yeay* *throws confetti in the air and treats everyone to some cake*

This giveaway is worth almost 50 euros! Yeah, apparantly I have too much money, lol
Anyway, let's see what I've bought for the giveaway:

  • Maybelline, Super Stay Color 18H, Velvet Red
  • Gosh, Perfect Lift 'n Shape Mascara, Black
  • Essence Crazy About Colour, Multi Coloured Blush, Colourmania (Limited Edition)
  • Essence Blush Brush
  • Rommel, 60 Seconds Nailpolish, Red Carpet
  • Catrice Oceana, Pebble Beach (Limited Edition)
  • Catrice Oceana, Sea of Green (LImited Edition)
And these beautifull long earrings, and 3 pairs of lovely studs:

What do you have to do?
  • You MUST be a follower with a Google Friend Account
  • You can also follow me with Bloglovin and blog or tweet about this giveaway, which will be -much- appreciated, but will -not- give any extra entries. (remember, more followers, means more giveaways)

  • Make sure there is a way for me to contact you if you win
  • To enter: leave a comment involving this blog. For example:  'Please get rid of that background, it's hideous.' or 'Could you make some neutral EOTD's? Because you're hippy-coloured ones make my eyes hurt.' or 'I want to see more expensive brands, because I think budgetbrands suck.' or 'Hey, I have a lot of makeupproducts I want to give you, so you can blog about them.' or 'your blog is 'fine the way it is, so continue with what you're doing.' or.....[insert your rant here]
  • This is an international giveaway.
  • This giveaway will end on June 25th at midnight.


On a sidenote:
Enchantra has been so (awesomely, wickedly, amazingly!) kind to offer me to sponser the next giveway, incl international shipping. I think that is really really [insert squeels here] kewl of them! Enchantra has just renewed their site, which you just HAVE to see. Because they have a new site, they are doing some giveaways of their own, during the whole month of June. So don't forget to check out their webshop and blog!