Swap with Sarah

About a week ago, a package from the UK arrived. This was a package from Sarah, a fellow lexling that I had send a package a few days before.

Let me explain the lexlings: about 1,5 years ago, I found a forum with girls of my age(yes Codaniel, you're one of the girls now :P ) who all like the same books as me. We discussed them all, but also discuss the important stuff in our lives or just rant about things that annoy us. We share about everything, and also have a private group at facebook to keep private things private. We are from all over the world: Finland, USA, Brasil, Argentina, Italy, Scotland, UK, and so on. We share a special connection and some of us even went overseas to meet. Someone, and I can't remember who, send a package to another, and this way the swaps were born. Our swaps are a bit different then the makeupswaps out there: we don't pay eachother and we do it because we love eachother: we don't expect something back. We swap books, makeup, junkfood from our country(which sometimes is really weird), and just random things we think the other will like. Sometimes we even send sneak packages unannounced, when someone has just gotten engaged, gotten pregnant, or just needs a a little something to lift her spirits. Needless to say, I really love these wonderfull and generous girls and I'm so happy I got to know them!

Anyway, on to the package!

Sarah send us a box full of wonderfull things. She also included my husband, who nowadays is one of the girls aswell, hahaha.
I won't post the pic of my husband in his new London-print boxers, because you probably don't care for something like that. But he also is SUPER happy with his bright red thsirt with the print ' Come to the dark side, we have cookies', with darth vader in the middle of it. It's his new favourite shirt :)

I actually squeeled when I opened the package, because Sarah included a SLEEK palette! I have been looking at those for months, wondering if I really needed more eyeshadow and if they are as great as people say. YES THEY ARE! It's the original palette and now I need ALL of them, hahahha.

She also included a very nice hairband with feathers on it, I love feathers! And some really nice silver dragon earrings! A glass file and a little purse with english coins in it for good luck. And a little cupcakehanger in it aswell.
Look at all the junkfood:

And special Diabetes chocolade, which according to Sid, even tastes like chocolade! We might need to set up regular UK swaps, just for this, hahaha

She also included postcards from London and a very nice card which she wrote a whole story on explaing everything in the package, hahaa. she's such a sweety :)
She also included a headmassager, which gives me the creeps, but sid -loves- it, and a nicely scented candle:

The headmassager was tested immediately......on one of our cats. LOL
Oops, now you did get to see his boxers :P
Odin doesn't really like the headmassager but Greebo LOVES it when you use it on your back. She even tried to take the thing herself when I quit using it on her.

Sarah, we love everything in our package as you already know, but I will probably say thank you for the next month anyway :)
I hope you had a great trip to the USA and that you and Codaniel are having a great time! (sarah and codaniel are our first Lexling-made-couple!) :)