NOTD: St. Patricks Day Greens

Yesterday I glanced over this video of MissChievous, and I tought it would be fun to do something like it, even though I really don't have Nailart stuff to do it with.
I haven't watched the whole video, I just used the picture of it as an inspiration and thought it would be nice to share it with you for St. Patricks Day, which also gave me another excuse to use green!

Products I used:

  • Herome, W.I.C., Edinburgh
  • Essence Multi dimension, All Access
  • Rimmel  Lycra pro, Jaded Glamour
  • Essence Nail art, tip painter, Heavy Black
  • Essence Multi dimension, Clear as Ice

I started with Edinburgh as a base. Then I took a small brush I had laying around and put on some All Acces in 2 seperate strokes. I applied the Jaded Glamour in the same way.
With the Heavy Black I made the little dots on the base of the nails.
And the Clear as Ice was used as a topcoat.

It's a pretty easy way of doing nailart, although I've never done it before and you definatelt need a better brush the I used. Still, I had fun doing it. :)

I've done any nailart like this before, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I'm normallya big fan of simple things with a little extra to make it special. This is a lot of extra for my normal taste. Maybe I just need t get used to it.
So what do you think? And are you doing anything special for St. Patricks Day?

I got a lot of responses to my nails today. For example, 2 women behind me in line were talking among eachother about them, 'did you see her nails?', how gorgeous they were, how much work there has to go into such nailart and they -must- have been done in a shop, right? After I told them I had done them myself, they were really surprised and took a closeup look. They told me again how much they loved them. I's always nice when people appreciate the work you've put into something.