NOTD: Mad as a Hatter & Drama Queen

Last wednesday I got a call from the local 'MOOI' drugstore, to tell me they finally had the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection in their store.

They had ordered it especially for me, and although they couldn't get the mini-set, they did get the normal bottles. I really wanted to try Mad as a Hatter, I've also looked at Absolutely Alice, but maybe I'll get that one later. I don't wear a lot of blue on my nails, and I want to see how i liked the other one first, before buying another one.

I know there have been made many swatches of this polis, and I wanted to try something different. So I applied some Essence Multi dimension no.17, Drama Queen first. A nice shimmery red colour. That way I wouldn't have to apply a lot of layers of the OPI polish and the red would shimmer through. The red is a nice reference to the Queen of Hearts, to stay in Alice style.

The picture below is made with indoor lighting, and really doens't do the polish any justice:

As you can see, the polish has a lot of glitter fallout, but those will be gone after wiping and washing my hands. I didn't want to risk it before making pictures, because I don't know how long this polish needs to dry. I could have done it anyway, because I found out the polish dries not really fast, but fast enough.

The polish applies pretty easy, because the brush is nice broad and flat, so you can cover your nails fast with few strokes. The glitter isn't eavenly spread when you apply it once, so it's not really made to just get a glitter coat on top of other colours. But then again, it's way to gorgeous not to be used as 'solid' polish. So why did I apply the Drama Queen first? Well, because I read in other reviews that people needed like 5 coats to get an evenly applied coat. I don't like applying that many layers, and this way it saves me from using a lot of polish aswell. And I like the effect of the red shimmering through, Next time I might use purple or silver or black...they all give different effects. (I tried it out on a piece of paper, before I decided to use the red one ;) )

This is a closeup picture that shows the polish at best:

You might want to click it for the bigger version, to se the detail of the red better. Or not, suit yourself ;)

Anyway, I bought this polish at MOOI drugstore, for 13,95 euros. I know they are a lot cheaper online, but sometimes I just want to SEE a product in real life before I buy it and they ordered it especially for me. Sometimes that kind of service is just worth the money.
It's my first OPI polish, and I like it a lot. I do have to see that other OPI colours haven't really spoken to me yet, but you never know.

So what do you think? And what colour would you use underneath?
Maybe next time I'll use it for a French Manicure :)