Loki is Pet of the Month (february)!

Last month, Loki was voted as the Pet of the Month at the Dutch Lush forum.
The theme was: Pets and Lush, and this is the pic I entered with:

Because he won, he got some mail last monday, from the winner of the month January.

As you can see on the pics, he was really excited about it:

Wait for it....

That just smells delicious!

Loki really liked the Cat "sushi', and has been jumping on the table to steal some, all day long.

Loki also liked the toy he got, but his brother keeps running away with it..

Loki reading the card that was in the envelope:

Loki wants to thank Stormey and Balto for the great gifts they send him and looks forward to eating all the snacks and playing with his toy. He would also like to thank his owners for giving him all the boxes to play with, including the Lush box which made him win this contest.
He looks forward to buying some great presents for next months winner.