NOTD Creative Nail Design, #288 Sugar Baby

Ever since I saw Gosh Rainbow at, I wanted to have that nalpolish. Unfortunately, it's not available anymore in the Netherlands. So when I googled that nailpolish, I came across this 'dupe' by Creative.I bought it at ebay and payed only 14,50 euros for 2 bottles, including shipping.

This nailpolish is so awesome, because it changes colour when it hits the light. Those of you who've known me for a while, probably already know that I'm a sucker for colours that change...holographics, or just two-toned, doens't matter. I always love it. I used to have a lot of two-toned polishes, but for some reason, no drugstore brand makes them anymore.

Anyway, this is what it looks like on black nailpolish, indoors:
For some reason, the red is most reflected indoors, but that might change when I makes pictures at daylight.



As you can see on the pictures above, the effect is hard to catch on camera when I use the flash.
Without the flash, this is what you see:
(the first picture in this blog shows it best though)

It changes from gold to green, to orange to red, it's so cool!
I really love it!

I forgot to mention the name of the polish, it's no. #288 Sugar Baby.
And today, when I was doing my groceries, people kept telling me how awesome my nailpolish is. :)