Bought some Mac products

I blogged before, about really wanting to have the MAC Blue Brown pigment. When I found it online at Markplaats for a reasonable price, I decided to buy it.
Since it had to be send in a package I purchased 2 more products from the same buyer.

What did I buy?

  • MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15, Strobe Current
  • Mac Pigment, Blue Brown
  • Maybelline Moisture Whip, Seduction

And what did I pay for it all? The tinted lip conditioner for 10 euros, the pigment for 15 euros and the lipstick for 1 euro. The shippingcosts were 5 euros.

And here are some swatches. I'm sorry about the pigment that rained all over the rest, I promiss I will post blogs about each product on it's own afte I've used them.

I'm curious about the tintet lipbalm, I'm always in to try those out, because lipsticks don't go well with my lips. And my lips are so pale, I really like to put some colour on them. The pigment is -really- good, I haven't even used a base for it on my arm, this pic was made in daylight, trust me, there's more then there seems to be. The lipstick tip was a bit crushed, that's why it was applied a bit thicker on the side. But it was package filler anyway, I do like the colour though.