EOTD: simple green look

This is a more simple/daily version of the EOTD I did here . I actually made this EOTD before that one :)

This EOTD was made with:

  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • Gosh eyeshadowbase
  • Everyday minerals, Pressed Olive
  • Morbid minerals, Morbid
  • Gosh, Velvet touch eyeliner, Woody green
  • The Falsies

I started out with the Hema eyeshadowbase and used the Gosh one on top of it. The Gosh base is a lot stickier, so the loose powders will stick to it better than to just the Hema base.
I applied some Pressed Olive in the inner eyecorner and to the middle part of the eye. I also applied some in the crease.
Next to that towards the outer eyecorner, I applied some Morbid, aswell as into the crease. I blended them together, and applied some more to make sure the colours were still applied evenly.

After that, I applied some Woody Green close to my lashes, as an eyeliner.

I also applied the same eyeliner below my eyes.

After applying some mascara, the EOTD is done.

I also made a FOTD of this look, where I used:
  • Everyday minerals, Soft butter peach, original glo, base
  • Everyday minerals Multitasking concealer
  • Catrice, Mineral soft powder rouge, no.120 Wild Rose
  • Gosh, Soft 'n Shine, Mocha

On this picture you can also see how much my cats love me, the sweater I was wearing had a lot of cathair on it, lol. Oh well, as long as I'm just at home, I don't mind.