EOTD: Bullet and Old Blood

This EOTD is the one I made to match my Alice in Wonderland Tshirt when I went to the theatre yesterday. Along with my red/black stockings and my red/black hairband I was totally in an Alice mood :)

I used the Hema eyeshadow base and the Jumbo pencils Milk and Black Bean, like I did before with the other Morbid Minerals I used. No use in telling that over and over again, right?

I used the Bullet pigment by Morbid Minerals on the inner eyecorner, and for about 2/3rd of my eyelid. Next to that I used the Old Blood pigment by Morbid Minerals and blended that with the Bullet pigment to the middle of the eyelid.

I made an extra long outer V for a special effect, to make it a little more dramatic:

I used a black eyeliner (by Essence) on top of my eyelid and towards my nose. Below my eye I used another eyeliner (by Hema).
And this is what I looked like when I got back from getting some groceries: