Morbid Minerals Pigment Swatches

A while ago I ordered some samples at , because I really liked the pictures of the colours on the site. (I used some of them to show you the colours better.)

These are the samples I ordered for only 1,50 euros a piece.

In the same order the names of the samples:
Bullet,  Vomit Green, Morbid and Old Blood
Twisted Faces, Deathstar and Frostbite Black.

Don't you just LOVE those names?

I made some swatches on my arm, to show you the colours.

With a lamp:

With daylight:


 As usual, it's hard to catch the awesome shimmers that are in the pigments.

Bullet is really nice shimmery silver/grey colour

Vomit Green is a beautifull shimmery green

Morbid is a darker green with great shimmers in it (which photographs really badly)

Old Blood is a beautifull  shimmery dark red, a bit like wine or blood

Twisted Faces is a brown with aqua coloured shimmer.

Deathstar is a black with aqua shimmers in it

Frost Bite Black, is another black with really small aqua shimmers in them, more subtle.(In the jar it looks a lot more black than on this pic)

I like Morbid, Twisted Faces and Deathstar the most. Especially Twisted Faces which reminds me a lot of MAC Blue Brown, which I have always loved and I'm thinking about buying it.

Which colour do you like the most? And have you ever bought Morbid Mineral Pigments?
Tomorrow I will post an EOTD I made with Twisted Faces :)