EOTD: Simple Spring look with Bourjois

On March 20th, all Bourjois products had a 50% discount at Etos. I bought a new eyeshadow, a lovely pinkish purple, which is really hard to photograph, and a bright green eyelinerpencil.

Product names:
Bourjois eyeshadow, 48 Vert Petillant
Bourjois eyeshadow, 17 Prune Intense
BourjoisRegard Effect, Ducochrome Eyeliner, 64 Tilleul Dore

The purple looks more like this though:

Unfortunately, on the pics of the EOTD, its also looks like a standard purple, which really is a shame, because it's a amazing colour.

I used Hema eyeshadowbase and NYX jumbo pencil Milk on my whole eyelid. This way the colour come out eactly like they are in the round boxes.

I applied the green eyeshadow on my inner eyecorner, and towards the middle of the eyelid. Next to that I applied the purple and blended it towards my inner eyecorner in the crease.
Below the eyes I applied eye eyeliner pencil for about half of the way, and net to that I applied the purple again, on top of some Milk. With a little mascara, it looks like this: