NYX Jumbo Eye Penils, Swatches, Review

These pencils are perfect to use as a base for loos powders and/or to give some extra kick to the colours you're using for your look.

In this blog I will tell you about the Jumbo Eye Pencils 604 Milk and 601 Black Bean.

The Pencils are bigger than normal eyeliners, as the name already hints, and also have bigger tips to draw with. I wouldn't recommend them to use for details, unless you use them with a brush, which to my experience works really well.

On the pic below, it shows how the pencils look when applied straight to the skin without doing anything else to them.
 They are very creamy when you apply them like this, so they are very usefull to use as a sticky base for loose powders. Also, when applied like this, they give the most enhancement for the colours of your look.

I myself, always use them blended out with a brush, like his:
This way, they are still sticky enough for loose powders, but the enhancement of colours is a little more subtle.

To show you an example of what these jumbo pencils can do for colours, I made a pic of them using Morbid Minerals Pigment 'Old Blood'. The pigment was applied to the jumbo pencils which were already blended out with a brush.

On the left Milk, in the middle Black Bean, and on the right it's the pigment on it's own without any base.
You can really see the difference of the colour comparing the left and the middle. The right and the middle have the same colour, but as you can see, the middle one is much more pigmented.

I also use the jumbo pencils with a smudge brush below my eyes to give a nice little line. That way you can easily use pigments below your eye without much fallout.

So if you want to try out these Jumbo Pencils, I can seriously recommend these two. But NY has a lot more colours if you would like to try them out. I bought them at Boozyshop for only 3,50 euros a piece.
I also noticed that NYX now also has GLITTER jumbo pencils.

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