Monosodium Glutamate Found In Skin Care Products

March 17/10

I was working last week on the television series called "V". Primping and styling and making sure every hair was in place for the actor interviews, with EPK (Electronic Press Kit). The main actress is Elizabeth Mitchell (aka Erica), Morena Baccarin (aka Anna), Christopher Shyer (aka Marcus), Lourdes Benedicto (aka Val), Laura Vandervoot (aka Lisa). Each interview took 20 minutes , so a few of us Makeup Artists started chatting about skin care and makeup products. We try to research any new skin products , hair products and makeup before we decide to use it on the actors. No actor wants extra chemicals on their face, hair or body. Many of the actors are wearing makeup for 12 hours or longer. Proper cleansing and prepping of their skin in important. Finding a chemical free face cream that is hydrating, yet healing and that does not leave a greasy residue is hard to find. I have developed a few hair and face serums that contain no chemicals, preservatives, and contain 100% Organic Botanicals.

The food and drug industry is deceptive about what is written on the labels of food, medications, and body care products. Did you know that there are more than 25 different names for MSG? 25-30 per cent of the population reacts to MSG (monosodium glutamate). Some side effects are migraine headaches, seizures, asthma, depression, hives and skin rashes. Read the labels before you buy. Avoid cosmetics, hair conditioners, eye makeup, tanning products containing these ingredients;

Zinc Glutamate
Glutamic Acid
Sodium Glutamate
Sodium Polyglutamate
Glutamic Acid
Polyglutamate Acid

100% Organic, Anti Wrinkle, Chemical Free, Water Free, Face Serum
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