How To: removing glitter/effect nailpolish

A lot of people have been asking me how I remove glitter/effect nailpolishes. Well, I usually just do it like with any other polish. It just takes a little bit longer and maybe a cotton pad or 2 more. Maybe it's because I always use a nailhardener as a basecoat or wear another nailpolish underneath, but I usually don't have any big problems with removing them.

But since I read about the Mad as a Hatter being really difficult to take off, I decided to use a trick I read about at Polishsis. I tried it out last tuesday, since I was going to take off the Mad as a Hatter that day anyway.

Here is what you do:
You start out with some cotton pads cut it half, some nailpolish remover and some tin foil.

You take a half of a cotton pad, put some remover on it, and then place it onto your nail. Then you take some tin foil and put that over your nail.

After that, you just wait for a little some tv or something like that, because anything else is pretty difficult with your hand bound like that. Wait for about 10 mins or more.

This is what my pads looked like when I took them off:

As you can see, a lot of the Drama Queen is on the pads, but not a lot of Mad as a Hatter. I'm not sure why that is. The Drama Queen was -underneath- the Mad as a Hatter, so it almost seems as if the Drama Queen sifted trough the glitters to the pads.
Anyway, the Mad as a Hatter didn't come off entirely, but the polish could be swiped off pretty easy with the same pads:

I used the tin foil for over 10 mins, so I don't think time was the critical factor. Maybe it was because I was wearing nailhardener and a nailpolish underneath, I'm not sure. Still, it -is- a good way to get the polish off, because it seems to soak a little which makes it easier to remover in a few swipes with a pad.