EOTD: Sea Me in Plush Paradise

Products I used for this EOTD:
  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • Gosh eyeshadowbase
  • Gosh effect powder, Paradise
  • Gosh effect powder, Sea Me
  • Miss SporyShimmer Dust, Plush
  • 2True Eyeshadow Dazzler, no. 3
  I applied the eyeshadowbases on top of eachother, I used the Gosh one to make it more sticky.

I applied the Paradise on the inner eyecorner. It's a silver colour, but with a golden shimmer in it. Which makes it a very hard to define colour. On the rest of the eyelid, I applied the Plush shimmer dust, it's the first I got from this brand, and it's pretty pigmented. I'm impressed.

Above the Plush, and in the crease, I applied the 2True eyeshadow dazzler. Then, Above that, I applied the Sea Me. I also applied some on the outer V.
Below the eyes I used the same colours as above, to match it. And then I applied some mascara (The Falsies).

What do you think? I think the colours go really well together, but I really had to get used to the light/soft colours. Normally I always wear something dark on my eyes, even if it's just a little.