Lush: Limited Edition Easter and Retro Products

This year, Lush has some new limited edition products and some old favourites for Easter.
These products will be available in Dutch stores and at Dutch Mailorder, starting TOMORROW!(March 15th)

Instead of buying chocolate eggs this year, which are bad for yourwaistline and create a lot of waste, why not buy some Easter productsby Lush instead? They are environmental friendly and are not tested onanimals, so the easter bunnies can safely hop around. They not onlylook lovely and make great gifts, but they also nurture your skin andreplenish your energy. So try them out, before they go out of stock!

Hippy Chick
For chicks everywhere, we’ve made a zesty grapefruit ballistic. Therefreshing scents of frankincense and citrus will perk up baths as thebirdy fizzes away. Drop it in when you’re in need of a spring in yourstep. It’s clucking great!
€3,95 a piece
 Honey Bun

Sharea hot bath with your Honey Bun! Our limited-edition Easter bunny hasthe delicious toffee-fudge fragrance of our best-selling soap andthere's not a drop of honey in sight. Pop one into your basket and hopright into the tub. Every honey loves our baby bunny, especiallywabbits.
This product can also be used as an emotibomb in your shower!
€3,95 a piece.

Fluffy Ballistic Egg

Here'san Easter egg that will leave your waistline alone and keep your skinsoft. Who can resist the scent of freshly spun candy floss? It smellsjust like our beloved Snow Fairy and won’t be around forever. Hop to itand get one in your basket before it's too late.  
4,95 a piece.

Happy Easter Egg (Yellow or Pink)

The Yellow Egg that is made out of 500 grams of bath ballistic contains: Honey I Washed the Kids zeep annd Ma Bar Bubble Bar Slice.The Pink egg is made out of 500 grams of bath ballistic, contains: Rock Star zeep en Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Slice.
€17,95 a piece.

Easter Retro Products

Especially for the fans, Lush brings back some old topproducts in very limited edition. They are only available at Dutch Mailorder as of tomorrow. 

 Flying Saucers Showergel

Asif you're getting a hug from a friend when everything seems to put youdown.  Flying Saucers brings balance to your emotions through honey,ylang ylang and palmarosa.
€15.95 – 250gr

         Harvey Bath Ballistic

Our Harvey Ballistic becomes invisible when you drop him into yourbath. He fizzes and releases soothing and refreshing jasmine, orange,mint and carrot seed fragrance.Perfect for extra energy.
 €5.95 a piece

 Gentle Lentil Shampoo

Lentils are very rich in iron andprotein and work a treat. Use this one for fine hair. It's very goodfor children, because it's very mild. You can even use it for washingthe dog.
 €7.95 – 100g

So run to the stores first thing tomorrow, or get online, to get some of these great new products!

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