EOTD: Mac Blue Brown Pigment and comparing dupe

This EOTD was made with my new Mac Pigment(actually my first MAC pigment ;) )

I did everything the same way as I did in this blog with the Morbid Mineral : Twisted Faces, so I could compare the two.

Instead of a Barry M dazzle dust, this time I used the Gosh effect powder, Apple Jam. This effect powder has a certain shimmer that I thought would really go well with the Mac pigment.

As you can see, this pigment also has that nice effect of having two colours when the light hits it right.

So is Morbid Minerals: Twisted Faces a good dupe for Mac Blue Brown Pigment?

What are the real differences?
  • Price: Mac is expensive, and I don't think this one is still sold in stores.
  • Texture: Mac looks more grainy in the pot, MM more like any loose mineral.
  • Shimmer: Mac definately shimmers more, but it's not like MM doesn't shimmer at all. The MM is more subtle, maybe better for daily looks.
  • Duochrome effect: Mac definately has the better effect. It's more visible and more blue. Still, the MM isn't badlooking, especially if you don't have Mac to compare it with.
  • Creasing: Mac doensn't crease on my eyes, MM can crease a little after a while.
  • Pigmentation: You do need more powder if you use the MM eyeshadow. The Mac pigment, is -so- pigmented it even shows really well without base, and you need very little.
  • Colour: I like the brown colour of the MM more than the Mac colour. But that's just personal taste.

YES, I think Twisted Faces is a great dupe for Blue Brown, especially if you don't have both to compare to eachother.