Haul: In de Watten

A while ago, I ordered some more stuff from In de Watten. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the shipping, and I assume some postaloffice dude now works around smelling afbulous....

Anyway, Caroline very kindly offered to send it again, but I thought that would be a shame of the extra shippingcosts, so I asked her to bring in to Auryn on the 20th.
I still think it's weird that the package has dissapeared and I feel sorry for Caroline that she lost a second batch of products this way. But that's life apparantly, sh*t happens.

Let's take a look at the things I've bought:

I really wanted to try the Spoobar and decided to try out some more stuff aswell.

Diva sPoo Bar "Itch Less" (Try out size)
Scrubby & Bubbly Bad/Douche Boter "White Tea & Jasmin"
Supreme Sugar Scrub "Enchanted" (the big pot)
 "Lucky Lips" Lip Scrub

Everything smells really good. The big pot smells of citrus, which I totally love, the smaller pot has a flowery smell, but not overwhelmingly so, and the lipscrub...I'm not sure how to describe that one. :)
I can't really tell what kind of scent the Spoobar has though, because the bot pot had leaked a bit on our trainride home, so now my Spoobar smells the same, hahaha.
I don't mind though, and it'll probably change after some uses anyway.

I'll let you know what I think about these products, after I've used them a couple of times :)