New Stampingplates by Essence

FINALLY, I've found 2 of the new Essence stampingplates at our local Kruidvat.
These were announced in August orso -last year-.

For some weird reason they are both names: 02 Style it Up!
I'm not sure if this is just a mistake, or if they just gave the new plates all the same name.

This one has adorable cat paws(which I immediately used!), some zebra print, cowprint, and I think it's kinda like a cat print and something similar to leapard?

This one has some geometric designs on it, which are pretty basic, but I think if you combine them with other plates, can still give some really awesome effects. I like the one in the middle a lot.

These plates can be found in the same place as the other plates at Kruidvat for only 1,49 euros a piece.