EOTD: Quick Extreme Look with Sugarpill's Lumi and Stella

For this look I -only- used Sugarpills loose powders Lumi and Stella.

This was a quick look that I did a week ago (so it's actually an EOT-last-weeks-wednesday ;) ), because I didn't have a lot of  free time, but I really wanted to try it out. So it's not perfect, but I still wanted to share.

On my inner eyecorner I applied Jumbo pencil Milk and the rest of my eyelid had Black Bean on it.
Lumi transformed from a beautifull white on Milk, to a gorgeous turquoise/seagreen on Black Bean.

Stella is totally gorgeous with all its glitter, but I wanted to blend it out a bit, and then I was left with a lot less glitter. I wanted to re-apply some above the crease, but for some reason it didn't stick to my lid anymore.
Oh well, you learn for your mistakes, right? But trust me, without blending, Stella gives a glitter overload that I totally adore. You can still see it a little in the outer eyecorner.

Don't mind the eyeliner either, I applied it after the eyelashes came off in my inner eyecorner and decided they did NOT want to be put back in the right place. My eyes are very round and this happens with most lashes. So I applied it on top of and next to the lashes, which is -not- what I meant to do. If I wanted to use eyeliner, I would have done it before applying the lashes. Oh well, shit happens :P

The rhinestones come from Born Pretty Store and are actually nail art rhinestones.

The lashes are from KKcenterHK, and are really really really long!

 I'm really happy I decided to by these 2 on the 20th, because if I can make this kind of look with just these 2 powders, then I can only make even more interesting looks if I combine them with my other Sugarpill powders!

What do you think?