Another necklace from Sieradenkistje

I've blogged about this store before, but this is once again a necklace from Sieradenkistje. If you haven't checke it out yet, please do. They have amazing necklaces(and other stuff) and I even spotted some cameos with cats with mustaches! hilarious!
Once again the shipping was REALLY fast. I ordered it just before midnight one day, and it was shipped out the very next day around 17:30 orso. that's FAST!

I bought something else though, something I've wanted for YEARS. And when I means years, I mean at least since I was 13 orso, and I'll be turning 30 this august ;)
I also got a little present with my necklace, which I think is really sweet!

This is what I got:
It's a silver bird SKULL! It's so freaking awesome, I can't even begin to explain how I feel....

It's a bit longer than my normal skullcameos(not the zombieskulls), and it's pretty detailed.I've always had a thing for skulls, but especially animal skulls. We for example own a reali wild cat skull, which sits in our collectibles cabinet. So this fits me perfectly.

The sweet present turned out to be a very cute plastic pink flower on a silver ring:

Have you ever checked ou this shop? And what are you're favourites?