Review: Born Pretty Store Eyelashes and Glue

It's been a while since I got the lashes from Born Pretty Store. As most of my readers will know, I like to use products for a certain amount of time, before I write a review. That way I think I can give a better view on the product. The lashes that I'll be reviewing can be found HERE.

These lashes come in a simple box and they all have an extra long end, with which they stay on the box. Before use, you can cut off that extra end, so the lash will look more 'natural'.
They can be bend a bit to fit your eyelid, you can do that for example by beding the eyelashes over a pencil. You can also cut them, if you have smaller eyes, or cut them in pieces to use them for extra long lashes on your outer eyecorner, or some other artsy purpose.

These lashes come with a glue, that can also be used to make double eyelids. I haven't tested that out, because I'm not asian. But I did test the glue with the lashes and with some rhinestones.

The glue comes with a little brush, like a liquid eyeliner. This way, you can easily get the glue onto the little band of the lashes. It's also very easy to re-apply some glue when a lash comes off on the inner eyecorner.
The glue also works perfectly to apply rhinestones on your face, because it's not visible anymore when it's dried.

With this look I used them for my upper lashes:

Both the lashes and the glue stay put, when you've used them. Sometimes an eyelash comes off on my inner eyecorner, but that's because I have round eyes, and most lashes tend to be a bit less round. It's easily solved by applying glue again. The lashes don't feel like you have plastic on your eyes and the glue didn't give me any itching or rash. I have pretty sensitive eyes, so that says something. I did have to peel it off my face (from the rhinestones) with my fingers after removing my makeup, so it's pretty strong!

Once again used for the upper lashes:

This set is only 4,18 dollars, and for that mount you get 10 pairs of eyelashes AND glue.
If you're carefull with them, you can re-use the lashes, so that's a real bargain!