EOTD & LOTD : going to Paganfest

Last sunday, we went to Paganfest at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. I was great to see Eluveitie and Korpiklaani live again!

Anyway, I decided not to go for the usual dark concert look with my makeup, but threw in some colour.

I used Sugarpill's Weekender on my inner eyecorner, which is a totally awesome light purple with the most amazing shimmer ever.
Next to it, I applied Sugarpill's Hysteric, which is a darker purple with beautifull shimmer.

To make it all a bit darker I applied some Barry M fine glitter dust 23, which is a black with purple glitters.

Then I applied some liquid eyeliner by Essence , and made a little wing. Below my eye I applied some Gosh liquid eyeliner.

Woohoo nothing as fun as going to a concert with a lot of loud metalbands when a migraine is building....
Still, it was totally worth it.
I was wearing tight leather pants and a black top that I pimped with a new neckline/cleavage and new shoulderstraps.

For some weird reason I couldn't get my awesome lipcolour on cam. It was a very awesome but wearable purple! For some weird reason I can never get lipcolours on cam right, here it looks sort of a wine red, but it was wayyyyy more purple. I'll dedicate a blog to those lips later. They looked more like this:

 But darker....just read the blog about the lips later on ;) (tomorrow even!)