Review & Swatches: Evil Shades Hardcore Lips Doom

As I've told you yesterday, I had awesome purple lips, but I couldn't get them on cam:

You can see the shimmer here, but it was so NOT wine red at ALL.
I've duplicated the lips yesterday and tried to use different light and settings to catch the colour on cam, but damn, that was hard. Application was a bit sloppy, but hey, this is about the colour, not the application ;)

I used a pink lippencil by Catrice, then Gosh lipstick Amethyst and then I applied Evil Shades Hardcore lips Doom:
This way, the awesome colour, which is EXACTLY as its shown in the bottle, is a bit toned down and more wearable.
I applied a LOT of Doom to my lips to let it show up on cam, but hey, at least it looks a little purple. LOL

Yeah, that's sorta purple, but it was much darker. But you could get this effect the way I applied it if you use a small amount and blend it thoroughly.
And this is starting to look a little red again, but it does get this dark.

That bottom lip comes close I guess...

Anyway, I absolutely adore the Hardcore lips, it's a liquid lipstick that's easy to apply. You have to make sure to belnd it out though, because you can see darker lines if you don't. It has to sweetest taste and smell, like candy from my childhood. And it feels really really good on my lips. Not too sticky, and I even forget I'm wearing it sometimes. My lips don't get dehydrated either.
Just one small negative point: if I have to re-apply, it will start to bleed on my upperlip. BUT almost -every- lipstick I won does that. Boo for bad lips!