DIY: long feather earring

I've always had a thing for feathers, especially peacockfeathers. We used to have a big vase full of them when I was a kid, and my mom gave me such a big (black) vase filled with them, when we got this house aswell.

So when I saw the long feathered earrings online, I wanted them. Aswell as the feather hairextensions. *drewls*
Unfortunately for me, the ones that I like can only be bought in the US. I don't own a creditcard and I don't want to keep buying prepaidcards. So I decided to see if I could make them myself. These kind of projects can take a lot of time, before I actually do something. But now, I finally made some time for it.

The really awesome long striped and dyed feathers that I love in feather extensions aren't available in the Netherlands, which really is a shame. So I might have to buy those online anyway.

I went to a craftsstore and came home with some red feathers, some metallic thread(they use it to crochet, so its really easy to bend) and some silver coloured clamps that are used to hold together several items with a loop at the top.

All you have to do is pick some feathers, I choose some leftovers of my previous Elf Fantasy Fair costume, put them together, and bend some metal thread around them. I tried it without the thread, but that way you can use less feathers, and they tend to get loose aswell. So I advice to use the thread.
Then you use the little clamps, to make a nice end for the earring with a little loop. The loop can be hooked on an earring, or a hairclip or anything else you'd like.

I've always been creative, making jewelry, stuffed animals, pillowcovers, clothing, etc. I like to pimp stuff aswell, not just clothing or bags, but for example making earrings out of a bracelet and so on.. I might post some more DIY blogs, if I ever get the time to photograph the process. When I get a creative itch, I tend to forget everything around me, hahaha.