Review: Nail Art Brushes by BornPrettyStore

These are Nail Art Brushes from the Born Pretty Store, they were send to me to be reviewed. This ofcourse, won't have any effect on my opinion. :)

This is the 15pc Nail Art Design Brush Set, which costs 4,74 dollars. Which is about 3,40 euros?
For this small amount of money, you get a LOT of brushes. So I was really curious if this small price would give me a good quality product.
To make a long story short: YES, it most definatey does!

Let's take a look at the brushes, this is how they came in my package:

Because the plastic things at the tips tend to fall off (I don't have a lot of patience hahaha), and my cats are HUGE brushlovers(they kidnap them), I store these in a small makeupbag with a zipper. Which suits me fine, but they can easily be stored the way they are send. This to me, is already a reason for me to recommend this set, because you don't need extra storage or something, they have their own little bag, and the plastic tips keep the brushes from getting ruined.(by for example, cats that love to chew on brushes...)

I haven't used all of the brushes yet, and with some I'm not sure HOW to use them (there's always google!), or what effect they can create. But, I have used them on several occasions now, so I thought it was time to post a review.
You get a lot of different brushes, and I'm sure all of them have a specific purpose, but even when you don't know those, you can easily use them for you're own ideas. Just use the one that you find the most easy to work with. I liked the one with the smaller and thicker handle a lot, aswell as the smaller square ones.

The website says:
Can be used on natural/false/acrylic/gel nails
Perfect for nail painting and drawing
Suitable for finest detailing tasks like painting leaves and flowers
Set of 15 nail art brushes:
3 drawing tools
7 painting tools
2 liners
1 dotting tool
2 fan brushes for nail art effect
I have used them for small details, aswell as bigger nail art designs, and I am very very happy with them.

I used the brushes to create the striped and the hearts. Unfortunately the topcoat blurred the colours together, but trust me, you can draw reallt beautifull straight lines with these.

I used them to create this zebra like print.

I created this polkadot design with the dottingtool. I'm thinking about buying the dotting tool set from Born Pretty Store aswell, since this dotting tool was a bit too small for the design I had in my head. But it works great for smal details!

I also use the brushes to touch up nail art designs, like for example Konadstamps that have a little fault in them, of if I want to use an extra colour in them.

I have to say that I can -really- recommendate this brush set. Not only is it very easy to use, it'a also very cheap, and you get 15 brushes! It's also a great gift for people who love playing with nail art, but don't have a big budget, or just don't want to invest too much money.
And if you are going to take a look at these brushes, make sure you surf through the rest of the site of Born Pretty Store, because they have a lot of interesting things. I'll review some other products soon!