Look for the Enchantra Dare

Some of you may have heard me talking about the DARE, and now I can finally show you what I've done!
This dare was to surprise Noraly on her birthday with a lookbook filled with different looks by different people all with the same base product: Konad Bead Tattoo. I think this surprise was a really sweet and awesome idea and I had a lot of fun doing it.
The 3 pics for the DARE can be found on the Enchantra Blog: Enchanting Beauty, and that's where the other looks will be posted aswell. These were the 3 I entered with, but scroll down for some more PICTURESPAM!!!! (and some fun ones aswell!) :)

 All the pieces that were left, I used to create a tattoo on my chest.

 This is the actual colour of the BEad Tattoos, on cam, the flash makes them come off like reflectors. Which is an awesome efect, but I wanted to show the real colour aswell.

My little Dragonpet...gotta love props ;)

As always, I wanted to do something different, so I used some Nail art Bead tattoos and 2 dragons that I cut in pieces.

I used the Black and white as a base for the makeup. I didn't want to use a lot of coloir, because I wanted the Bead Tattoos to be the eyecatcher.

Products used:
The glitters on the eyeshadow and on the eyliner aren't really visible on the pics, because of the reflection on the Bead Tattoos, but they really were there. I also had white eyleiner above and below the black eyeliner, which isn't really visible through all the lashes....oh well..

And for those, who are still reading after this spam, some FUN PICS:


Gotta make sure, the knife's sharp..
 No idea why I'm doing this, but it looks cool ...

What do you mean ''no more Guitar Hero''???
What do you think?

(I think I need a name like Zoolander has for my Photoface, because it's always the same, hahaha)