EOTD: Green with Evil Shades

This EOTD was made with these products:

 Evil Shades eyeshadow:
Acolyte, Willow Star, Elf Star and Steele Green.
And Gosh velvet touch eyeliner:
Green Grass and Woody Green

 This is my first EOTD with Evil Shades eyeshadow. I don't really know why I waited so long, before I used them. But I'm definately going to use them a lot from now on!

I used Gosh eyeshadowbase, because it's sticky, and these are all loose powders.
 I used Willow Star on my inner eyecorner, which is a gorgeous light green with amazing shimmer/tiny glitter in it. Then I applied Acolyte in the outer V and towards the middle of the eye. Acolyte is a very dark green, and it has a holographic glitter. I haven't really seen that effect yet, but  I might have to use a different base.

Then I applied some Steele Green, to blend the two greens into eachother. Steele green is a pretty in-your-face-green, so I only used it to blend, otherwise it would be to bold next to the others.
Then I used Elf star, above the crease to create some extra colour.
Elf Star is a light blue base with tiny green en blue glitters in it.

Below my eyes I used the two eyeliners by Gosh and a little more Willow Star.

I just read that Elf Star and Willow Star are being discontinued, so If you want those, you should be quick! They can also be used on your lips or just on op of other colours for the glitter effect. I didn't remember that, but I'm definately going to try that out!
And since I had some money left on the prepaid creditcard, I ordered some more of The Stars collection. Can't wait to try those out!