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My eye fell on this colour when I was in the Etos, looking for a new mascara. I'm a sucker or green, and this was such a beautifull gold green, that I had to take it home with me.

This is MNY polish 757, a gorgeous golden(mossy)green colour with supertiny multicoloured shimmers in it.

The polish's real colour is hard to capture on cam, it reflects much lighter or even a bit greyishgreen with flash.

With flash:

Without flash:

Here it's much greener, ofcourse the sun always comes out AFTER  I write the nailblogs ;).

It really is more of a grassygreen with golden shine over it. It's really a shame I can't get a better picture.

This swatch(on the right) shows the beauty of this polish much more:

It's a bit less bright then this one (more golden), but it does show you how green the polish is:
Apparantly this is with 4 coats, I only applied 2.

The polish dried quickly enough and it applied easy aswell. It costs only 2,50 euros and mine has stayed on for 5 days! It only got some small wear and tear at the tips and started chipping small bits on the 5th day.
Pretty good quality for that amount of money :)


BTW today it's exactly 4 yrs ago that Sidney asked me to marry him. Awww :)