EOTD: My Valentinesday Look

Since I already did a pink/red valentinelook, I wanted to do something different for Valentinesday.
I decided that I would do a look inspired by the necklace my hubby gave me for our 2,5 yr weddinganniversary. It's a silver chain with a beautifull big turquoise stone in it in the shape of a heart. That stone, was my inspiration.

I used Gosh Aquatic on my inner eyecorner and towards the middle of my eyelid. Next to it I applied MAC Bluebrown Pigment and blended those a bit in the middle. Bluebrown reflect with a bit of turquoise/teal with the right lighting. It's a gorgeous colour.

 Above the crease and into the Outer V, I applied Sugarpill's Magpie. Which is a beautifull dark blue with lots of shimmer in it.

 Below the eye I used some Bourjois Regard Effet Metallise,Vert Eclatant. And on the outer corner I applied some more Mac pigment on it.

This is in the morning, right before work. I am NOT a morningperson as you can see :P
I'm not wearing anything on my lips either because of work, which makes the look a bit...unfinished.
Anyway, at least you can see the gorgeous necklace :)