Review & Swatches: Aidor eyebrow makeup kit

I've found this at Kruidvat for about 3 euros orso, I don't remember correctly, sorry.
I took the darkest colour they had, but I don't know if there are even darker colours in the collection.

 This kit includes a Dark Brown (no.10005) eyebrow powder, a soft brush and 3 eyebrowshapes.
The eyebrowshapes are different from most kits that I've seen, they almost fit my eyebrow shape, which has never happened before. But I haven't used them, because I don't like using such plastic things.

 The brush isn't sturdy enough to shape your eyebrows, and it didn't take up a lot of product, which annoyed me. So I used my own slanted eyeshadowbrush, that I always sue for my brows.

 The eyebrowpowder is easy to use, and doesn't smudge when you go over it with your finger.

Unfortunately, this colour is still wayyyyy too light and a bit to red for me. But if you can find the right colour for your brows, I think this is a great budgetproduct for your eyebrows.